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We're Dan & Dan...

…we’re QPR supporters

Like most QPR supporters it wasn’t a decision we made ourselves – it was hereditary, passed to us by our family.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our generation of supporters have experienced the highs of being London’s top team and the lows of entering administration. We are grateful now to be under management who are striving to move the club forward in every way.

We specialise in branding and packaging, working with large brands that have global reach, and its a our ambition to help QPR fulfill its true potential.

The opportunity to be involved at such an important time in its development is something we do not want to miss.
We feel that we can help the club define itself, shaping its future by creating a cohesive brand world that we can all be proud of.



We have a story to tell

The best branding is about telling true stories – everyone can appreciate a great story well told. They are always about transformation, whether we know it or not whatever the story we’re telling we’re always sharing a threshold moment.

People want to know the real story behind why we do what we do and are more likely to engage and connect if we deliver a well crafted story with an emotional core.

We are at a crossroads, a turning point. We will need to dig deep into our history to discover who we are, to define what’s in our DNA.

Where we’ve come from shapes who we are today, and will help guide us as we take the next steps of our journey.
We will need to play to our strengths, revealing our personality and rediscover what make our club unique.

“ Where we've come from shapes who we are ”

We are on a journey

We matter to our supporters and our supporters matter to us.

We will need to take them on the journey with us – not forgetting its their club, but acknowledging that we can’t become bigger and more successful by simply keeping a small group of loyalists happy.

Successful brands grow by increasing the number of people who are using the brand. If we want to become bigger and more successful we need to tell the QPR story to more people so that we increase the number of people who have an affiliation our club.

To do this we have to ensure the story we tell will connect with the broader audience, in a way they will recognise and respect.

We are on a journey, with the aim of becoming a club with a unique voice and a unique design style.
With more presence, impact and deeper connections with our supporters.

We will need a strategy for making this happen.

“ tell the QPR story to more people ”

Our guiding principles

When the current club crest was relaunched the guiding principles were stylish, authentic and thrilling, while theses words do apply to us, they don’t really help define us – the words are generic and fail to give the insight we need to build a unique philosophy.

We will need to dig deeper into our clubs pschye to really find principles that differentiate us.

Together they express our personality, characterise our communication and ensure we speak with one voice.

Once defined our core principles will drive us forward, capturing what it is that makes us, us.

These principles will guide us in all we do.

In a game that is governed, like so much of life, by self-interest...


To bring our personality to life in a way that inspires our supporters, we have to create a consistent brand identity, one that captures the heart and soul of who we are in real tangible ways.

Our identity will extend through everything our supporters feel, hear, see and read; a combination of distinctiveness, authenticity and compelling story.

Clearer, simpler and richer in meaning. We are QPR in everything we do.

...there is one word in particular which applied to Alec Stock.

We have an Identity crisisqpr_crisis-01

We have a genuinely fascinating visual history, our identity has had many manifestations over the years – too many.

The core identity has become unnecessarily complex and laden with clichéd elements. Our identity needs to present our core values with impact, brevity and immediacy – it is a visual distillation of who we are.

We need to identify the strongest elements from our visual heritage and modernise them to form an unmistakable, iconic mark.

Our evolution

It’s time to take stock of all that has been before and work to our strengths.
Great brands handle the passage of time incrementally. They make small modifications to their graphic expression regularly to ensure that the brandmark always feels fresh, contemporary and recognisable without deserting the core graphic equities.

We need to build on our strong graphic foundations allowing us to develop into an iconic brand.

Building on consistent graphic equities ensures continuity, allowing for evolution without loss of recognition.

Our club equitiesQPR_BRANDBOOK_270515

In iconic design, what you leave out is as important as what you put in.

Past identities have been built on a central monograme of the initials Q.P.R.
We will need to decide whether other elements that have been used around the monograme serve important roles or are simply cluttering our message.
Our aim is to reduce the number of elements the brand is using and form a integral “kit of parts”, defining our primary and secondary graphic equities and making sure they are used in consistent yet creative ways.

Using our equities:QPR_BRANDBOOK_270515

The famous hoops

We may not be the only team to wear a blue and white hooped shirt – but we are the most famous.

Working with artists and fashion designers we should be using the hoops in bold innovative ways – appealing to a wider audience whilst building a distinctive, ownable visual language.

When people see blue and white hoops they should think QPR.

We are inspiredQPR_BRANDBOOK_270515

Some visual references to brands and graphic approaches that excite us and could help in developing the QPR brand world.inspiration_2

qpr_welcome_homeWelcome Home…

Visiting our football stadium is all about the experience. It comes through spaces, shapes and textures that create a sense of who we are and bring the environment to life in an inspiring, memorable way.

Environmental graphics, way-finding devices and signage all help deliver our personality and key messages whilst helping to build emotional connections.

People should feel the wit, warmth and history of Queens Park Rangers at every stage of their journey.


Super Hoops start with super roots

In recent years we have lost our identity – both on and off the field.
Our club was built on community and in turn has become the heart of that community.

We need to dig deeper into our psyche to really find what makes us, us, defining what we mean when we say ‘we are QPR’ and establishing a set of principles that express our personality, characterise our communication and ensure we speak with one voice.

The importance of our visual identity should not be underestimated, it’s not just a badge on a shirt, it’s a signifier of belonging to something bigger, existing for generations before and after us.

Where we’ve come from shapes who we are today, and will help guide us as we move forward.

qpr_shirtWhat makes our kit special?

Our distinctive hooped shirts help define our club and its supporters. They carry history and pride and each iteration represents an era of our clubs history.

We must appreciate the importance of our kit to both players and fans. We need to have the freedom to create modern shirts for players to perform their best in and fans are proud to wear whilst building our brand equities with consistency.

The shirt is our uniform, projecting us to millions of people worldwide and is another opportunity to convey who we are and what we represent.

history_of_the_qpr_kitThe history of the Hoops

The introduction of the 2014-15 kit was met with mixed reviews. As it was created in a limited time span compromises were made. However it has succeeded in sparking a debate among supporters about what they desire from the kit.

With the exciting news that Nike will be making our kit for the next five years it is time to take stock of what makes a successful QPR kit design and build on our heritage.

Future designs need to strike the right balance between feeling fresh and modern whilst using our core brand equity (the hoops) in a more consistent manner.

QPR_BRANDBOOK_270515Striking the right balance

The most important part of our kit are the hoops – too few and the kit lacks dynamism, too many and they look like lines rather than hoops.

After reviewing the history of our kit it seems that three to four thick blue hoops offer the optimum ratio. This ratio also allows the shirt sponsor to sit on a clear area so its visibility is maximised

The hoops should be used as much as possible to help build brand recognition,
as they are our distinctive identifying equity and have become synonymous with the club.


Simplify to amplify

Some initial thoughts on branding and design:

– Build on core equity of our visual heritage by redrawing and refining the QPR monogram, the interlocking letters are of key importance so even if we have more radical design options they should all retain this in their DNA.

– Stitching badge directly into shirt to express craft and quality whilst appearing considered and integral to the design.

– Assuring right ratio of hoops will build recognition and consistency across all communication platforms, from shirts to planes.


  • Contemporary
  • Modernist
  • Insignia
  • Classic Recrafted

Which do you prefer?

The options below are simply our first thoughts on how we could rejuvenate the crest and inject some of the iconic character of the club back in to the branding of QPR.
This is the very tip of the iceberg, but every little evolutionary step we can encourage the closer we get to what makes our club unique, individual and the QPR we know and love.


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